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Have you ever questioned, "How can I change my life? How can I remove problems in my life? Am I achieving my goals or not? How can I live an amazing life with fulfillment? Is it possible to live a life with inner peace and without problems?

The answer to these questions is provided in our ancient texts and scriptures which are kept secret. The answer to all these questions lies in the "Mantras" and the "Rituals". One can't change his fate or life just by hard work. There are times when you get involved in the problems beyond your control and you try hard but the problems intensifies more and you are out of solution. The ancient mantras have the power to remove all problems in life and to help you live an amazing life. 

The answers to these and numerous fundamental questions have been answered by Guru Moti Lal Handa. Guruji has showed that it is possible to solve all problems in life with the right use of Mantras and Rituals.  The purpose of this site is to rejuvenate the knowledge of mantras and stotras to help people live problem free life and getting abundance.

So, come and experience a different enlightened world of sound and energies.

Spritual Quote of the day

Creation is only the projection into form of that which already exists.

Srimad Bhagvatam

Auspicious Days

Shraad Purnima 23 Oct
Ashwin Purnima 24 Oct
Karwachauth, Vakratunda Sankashti Chaturthi 27 Oct
Ahoi Ashtmi 31 Oct
Vaishnava Rama Ekadash 4 Nov
Dhan Teras, Kali Chaudas, Pradosh Vrat 5 Nov
Narak Chaturdashi 6 Nov
Diwali, Lakshmi Puja 7 Nov
Kartika Amavasya, Darsh Amavasya 8 Nov
Bhaiya Dooj 9 Nov
Laabh Panchmi 12 Nov
Chaath Puja 13 Nov

About Us

Dr. Narayan Dutt Shrimali

Dr. Narayan Dutt Shrimali

Heartiest obeisance to Sadgurudev Dr. Narayan Dutt Shrimali, a Guru of highest proficiency in mantra, tantra, astrology, Hypnosis, Ayurveda and ancient Indian sciences. In his ascetic form, sadgurudev is known as Nikhileshwaranand.


Shri Moti Lal Handa

Shri Moti Lal Handa

Growing up in a spiritual environment, under the strict guidance of his Guru Nikhileshwaranand Ji and surrounded by mahatmas and devotees, Guru Moti Lal ji has been instrumental in providing solutions to many devotees...


Sumit Malhotra

Sumit Malhotra

The idea of website Guru Shakti is the inspiration by Sumit Malhotra to rejuvenate the science of mantras and rituals to help people live a problem free life and getting abundance. Sumit is always Inspired by the mystic power of mantras...



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Diksha is the foundation of a disciple, fuel of the spiritual life...


You can schedule specific rituals, anushthan and special fire ceremonies in absentia conducted by Guru Moti Lal ji.

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Guruji maine apke upar faith kiya aur uska phal mujhe aj Mil gaya. Apke asirwad aur guidance se meri sadhna safal ho gayi.Guruji mera satte ka number lag gaya jo mujhe maa ne sapne me diya tha.Guruji apka asirwad hamesha mere sath rahe. Many many many thankful to you....

Deepak K.

Guruji, I saw Lord Hanuman while receiving Hanuman Deeksha from you. Now my life is much relaxed and trouble free . Thank you very much from the bottom of my heart. Sashtang Dandvat Pranaam.


guruji i wanna fall down infront of your leg acctually this mantra worked for me THANK YOU SOO MUCH my lover called me and he said i wanna see you come its urgent i wanna talk to you [like that he was called me on 4th jun] before mantra he dont hv feelings on me but after mantra he felt love on me more but he said now i am loving you but what should i do we will marry ahh?????[ like this he asked me guruji ]


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