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Narasimha Mantra To Remove Problems

Narasimha Mantra To Remove Problems
आपत्ति निवारक नृसिंह मंत्र

Narasimha is known primarily as the 'Great Protector' who specifically defends and protects his devotees in times of need. Narasimha is often visualised as half-man/half-lion, having a human-like torso and lower body, with a lion-like face and claws. This Narasimha mantra is a powerful mantra to remove the problems in life. The  Narasimha mantra provides the divine grace of Lord Narasimha.

How To Chant The Mantra

Start From Thursday  facing north.
Wear yellow clothes for this purpose.
Lit a pure ghee lamp in front of Lord Narasimha.
Worship the Lord Narasimha with incense & flowers.
Chant 5 rosaries of this mantra.
Do this mantra for 21 days to get the divine grace of Lord Narasimha.

Ugram Viram Maha-Vishnum Jvalantam Sarvato Mukham
Nrisimham Bhishanam BhadramMrityur Mrityum Namamy Aham

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Important: You are Advised to recieve Durga  Deeksha or permission from Guruji to get the best results of this Durga mantra.
Follow Some Basic Guidelines To Ensure Success In Mantra Sadhna. Contact us for any question regarding this sadhna.

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Mar, 26th, 2014, 06:56 AM

This is to request you to please send me by email Strotras or slokas of Nrisimham, Kubera Chaktravarthi's and any other god's to my email id [email protected] Thanks. Seetharama Rao K

jayapala says:
Jul, 28th, 2014, 04:48 AM

i want some of the other mantra to control enmies & attract girls

Guru Shakti says:
Aug, 1st, 2014, 04:54 PM

jayapala, check out the sitemap to find out mantras.

sumi sinha says:
Sep, 16th, 2014, 06:29 AM

Guruji Can my mother do this mantra on my brothers behalf. He is being troubled by his wife n her family.

Guru Shakti says:
Sep, 17th, 2014, 05:39 PM

sumi sinha, yes she can.

sridhar.k says:
Nov, 28th, 2014, 11:37 AM

send some powerful mantras to chat to remove the fear

prathiba chatterjee says:
Nov, 29th, 2014, 10:17 AM

Guruji can i chant this mantra instead of my daughter, She is in USA. One boy is troubling her. Must i fast for 21 days or can i eat only Veg after chanting this Mantra.

Guru Shakti says:
Nov, 30th, 2014, 05:24 PM

sridhar k, use Narasimha mantra.

Guru Shakti says:
Nov, 30th, 2014, 05:42 PM

prathiba chatterjee, you can. Have veg.