Guru Shakti

28 Names of Lord Chandra

||  चन्द्राष्टाविंशतिनामस्तोत्रम् ||
28 Names of Lord Chandra

The planet chandra represents the mother, mind, imaginations, emotions and feelings. Lord Chandra is a lunar deity and shining planet, Lord Chandra is lord of plants & vegetation and is also known as the lord of fertility. The 28 names of Chandra has the divine ability to enhance your mind power, fertility and the level of increased happiness. One should listen or practice this Chandra Ashta Vinshati Naam Stotram daily to remove the malefic effects of planet moon and also to remove the  negative effects of certain Yogas in kundli. He who reads 28 names of Chandra on Monday would get all that he desires, And the all the planets along with chandra would favour him..

चन्द्रस्य श्रृणु नामानि शुभदानि महीपते
यानि श्रृत्वा नरो दुःखान्मुच्यते नात्र संशयः
Oh king, hear the holy names of the moon,
Hearing which men can get rid of their sorrows without any doubt.

सुधाकरश्च सोमश्च ग्लौरब्जः कुमुदप्रियः
लोकप्रियः शुभ्रभानुश्चन्द्रमा रोहिणीपतिः
Maker of nectar, He who wanes, He who was produced from the Sea,
The lover of lotus, He who is dear to people, He who is clear,
He who removes tiresomeness, He who is eminent, He who is the consort of Rohini,

शशी हिमकरो राजा द्विजराजो निशाकरः
आत्रेय इन्दुः शीतांशुरोषधीषः कलानिधिः
He who has a rabbit, he who creates ice, king , king of Brahmins, 
He who creates night, He who is from clan of Athri, He who is white,
He who is cold, he who is master of light, He who is treasure of arts,

जैवातृको रमाभ्राता क्षीरोदार्णवसम्भवः
नक्षत्रनायकः शम्भुशिरश्चूडामणिर्विभुः
He who lives long, he who is brother of Lakshmi, he who came out of milk,
He who makes things happen, He who is the lord of all stars, 
He who is worn as brooch by Lord Shiva, he who is powerful

तापहर्ता नभोदीपो नामान्येतानि यः पठेत्
प्रत्यहं भक्तिसंयुक्तस्तस्य पीडा विनश्यति
He who removes suffering, he who is light in darkness
If these names are read by any one with devotion ,
His sufferings will come to an end

तद्दिने च पठेद्यस्तु लभेत्सर्वं समीहितम्
ग्रहादीनां च सर्वेषां भवेच्चन्द्रबलं सदा
He who reads them on Monday would get all that he desires,
And the all the planets along with chandra would favour him..

||ॐ श्रीचन्द्राष्टाविंशतिनामस्तोत्र सम्पूर्णम् ||

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Mr. Jha says:
Aug, 26th, 2014, 12:49 PM

Hi Sir . For this 28 names of lord Chandra manta , pls tell me how many times daily for good effects.? Thanks

Mr . Jha says:
Aug, 28th, 2014, 07:39 AM

Hi Sir , I have a question that how many times daily this mantra should Chant ? Pls tell me. Thanks

Guru Shakti says:
Sep, 1st, 2014, 11:41 AM

Mr. Jha, 5 times a day for quicker effects.