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Narasimha Stuti By Shani Dev

Shri Shanaishcara-krita Shri Narasimha Stuti

 श्री शनैश्चर कृतश्री नृसिंह स्तुतिः

This is a wonderful & very effective stotra to fulfill your wishes and remove the malefic effects of planet shani. This is told by Lord Shani Dev that whosoever will recite this stotram especially on Saturday will be free from any negative aspects of Shani. 
There has been a lot of fear & intimidation of the malefic planet Shani because generally he is associated with extreme sorrow and suffering. However,  Lord Shanideva himself has devised a way of solving this problem by obtaining the blessings of Lord Nrisimha. Shani made an agreement with the Lord that he would never trouble those who recite his Nrisimha Stuti when they are facing troubles related to 'Twelve' and 'Eight' house in the natal or lunar chart.

Anyone who recites with devotion Shani’s Shri Nrisimha Stuti, especially on Shanivara (Saturdays) and when Shani graha comes to 12-8-5 janma rashi, one will please the Lord who is the Supersoul of Shanaishchara and the Lord will remove all obstacles and suffering and bless His devotee.
shri shanir-uvaca -
yat pada-pankaja-raja paramadharena
 samsevitam sakala kalmasha rashi-nasham |
kalyana karakam asheshanijanuganam |
sa tvam nrisimha mayi dehi kripa-valokam ||

Shri Shani said -
By the mercy of the dust of Your lotus feet which destroy a multitude of sins, grant infinite auspiciousness to Your devotee who always worships Your lotus feet with devotion. O Lord Nrisimha, please bestow upon me Your merciful side-long glance.
sarvatra cancalataya sthitayapi lakshmyah |
brahmadi-vandya-padaya stirayanya sevi ||
padaravinda-yugalam parama-dharena |
sa tvam nrisimha mayi dehi kripa valokam||

Your lotus feet are worshipped by Goddess Lakshmi, even though She is fickle by nature (cancala) and by Lord Brahma and Lord Shiva whose feet are worthy of worship with devotion. O Lord Nrisimha, please bestow upon me Your merciful side-long glance.
yad rupam agama-shirah pratipadhyamadhya |
adhyatmikadi paritapa haram vicintyam ||
yogishvarair apathagakhila dosha sanghaih |
sa tvam nrisimha mayi dehi kripa-valokam ||

By contemplating or meditating upon Your appearance, which is expounded in the Vedas extensively, the best of the saints are liberated from the three-fold miseries and from all misfortunes. O Lord Nrisimha, please bestow upon me Your merciful side-long glance.
prahlada bhakta vacasa harir avirasa |
stambhe hiranyakashipum ya udharabhavah ||
urvau nidhaya udharam nakharai dadhara |
sa tvam nrisimha mayi dehi kripa-valokam ||

By the word of His devotee named Prahlada, Lord Hari, who is generous and kind, appeared from a pillar and by placing Hiranyakashipu on His thighs split open the his stomach with His nails. O Lord Nrisimha, please bestow upon me Your merciful side-long glance.
yo naija bhaktam analambudhi bhudharogra |
shringa-prapata visha dhamti sarisupebhyah |
sarvatmakah parama-karuniko raraksha |
sa tvam nrisimha mayi dehi kripa-valokam ||

You protected your own devotee Prahlada from a raging fire, the deep ocean, from falling from a tall mountain peak, poison, a mad elephant and the fangs of poisonous serpents. You are omnipresent and supremely generous. O Lord Nrisimha, please bestow upon me Your merciful side-long glance.
yannirvikara para-rupa vicintanena |
yogishvara vishaya sagara vita ragah ||
vishramtim apura-vinasha vatim parakhyam |
sa tvam nrisimha mayi dehi kripa-valokam ||

By meditating upon He whose great form is devoid of imperfections, the best of the saints attained liberation from the ocean of materialistic attachments and obtained unmitigated salvation. O Lord Nrisimha, please bestow upon me Your merciful side-long glance.
yad rupam-ugra parimardana bhava shali |
samcintanena sakalagha vinasha kari |
bhuta jvara graha samudbhava bhiti nasham |
sa tvam nrisimha mayi dehi kripa-valokam ||8||
By meditating upon He whose form is fearsome, all peace, happiness and prosperity can be obtained, all sins can be obliterated, the fear arising from evil spirits, fevers and unfavorable planetary positions can be removed, O Lord Nrisimha, please bestow upon me Your merciful side-long glance.
yasyottamam yasha uma-patim padma-janma |
shakradi daivata sabhasu samasta-gitam ||
shaktaiva sarvasha-mala prashamaika daksham |
sa tvam nrisimha mayi dehi kripa-valokam ||

Your transcendental fame is sung gloriously in all the divine assemblies of Shiva, Brahma and Indra etc. and whose power is steadfast in wiping out all impurities, O Lord Nrisimha, please bestow upon me Your merciful side-long glance.
evam shrutva stutim devah
shaninam kalpitam harih |
uvaca brahma vrindasta
shanim tam bhakta-vatsalah ||

On listening to the heartfelt prayer composed by Shanideva in the assembly of Lord Brahma, Lord Hari who is ever compassionate to His devotees, spoke to Shanideva as follows.
shri nrisimha uvaca -
prasannoham shane tubhyam |
varam varaya shobhanam ||
yam vanchasi tameva tvam |
sarva-loka hitavaham ||

Shri Nrisimha said –
O Shani, I am pleased with your devotion. What ever you desire that will benefit the world, ask for that kind of boon and I will grant it.
shri shanir uvaca -
nrisimha tvam mayi kripam
kuru deva daya-nidhe |
mad vasaras tava priti-
kara syat devata-pate ||

mat kritam tvat param stotram
shrinvanti ca patanti ca |
sarvan kaman purayetas
tesham tvam loka-bhavanah ||

Shri Shanideva replied –
 O Lord Nrisimha, O reservoir of compassion, please be kind to me. O Lord of all gods, let my week-day (Saturday) be Your favorite day. O Purifier of all the worlds, may You fulfill the desires of all those who listen to or read this great prayer to You composed by me."
shri nrisimha uvaca -
tataivastu shaneham vai
raksho-bhuvana samsthitah |
bhakta kaman purayishye
tvam mamaika vacah shrinu ||
tvat kritam mat param stotram
yah patecchrinu yaccha yah |
dvadashashtama janmastad
bhayam mastu tasya vai ||

Shri Nrisimha said –
 O Shani, let it be so! By virtue of My being the universal protector (rakshobhuvana), I fulfill the desires of all My devotees. Please listen to My words -let there be no fear of the twelfth and eighth birth positions (and implicitly any unfavorable birth positions) and consequent troubles from you for any one who reads or listens to this prayer to Me composed by you.
shani naraharim devam
tateti pratyuvaca ha
tatah parama-samtushto
jayeti munayovadan ||

Then Shanideva replied to Lord Narahari that he would follow the Lord's instructions. Then the joyful saints and sages present there (in Brahma's assembly) responded with cries of, ‘jaya, jaya!’".
shri krishna uvaca -
itam shanaishcarasyata nrisimha deva |
samvadam etat stavanam ca manavah ||
shrinoti yah shravayate ca bhaktya
sarvanyabhishtani ca vindate dhruvam  ||

Shri Krishna told Dharmaraja, "Whoever listens to or recites this conversation between Shanideva and Lord Nrisimha in the form of this prayer of devotion will definitely have all desires fulfilled and will always rejoice."
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Dinesh Sharma says:
May, 17th, 2014, 08:01 PM

Thanks Guruji for these adhbhut mantras,it takes person to another level of Dhyaan,Thanks for showing way to clear this Bhavsagar happily ever

igoli says:
Jun, 21st, 2014, 01:57 AM

Could you be kind enough to post a Sanskrit version of this Narasimha Stuti for your readers, it will be of great help in reciting and learning it while listening to you. Thanks and warm regards//

Guru Shakti says:
Jun, 24th, 2014, 04:49 PM

igoli. You will find the Sanskrit version in Youtube.

rpgmail says:
Nov, 16th, 2014, 02:56 AM

Guruji I want to practise this .How shall I ??

Guru Shakti says:
Nov, 17th, 2014, 05:34 PM

rpgmail , just listen it once on saturday.