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Beejyukt Shree Suktam Anushthan

Beejyukt Shree Suktam Anushthan 
बीजयुक्त श्री सूक्त अनुष्ठान

This is a fire ceremony or havan yagya of Beejyukta Sri Suktam with cow ghee and kamalghatta. In ancient India, there was a tradition to perform such fire ceremonies everyday to get the divine grace of Mahalakshmi, the Goddess of wealth. The Anushthan is being arranged by many rich person in the world to have money, richness, peace and abundance in every area of life.

Beej means a seed. Beej mantras are the which represent all the relevant alphabets or syllables of the deity. Beej mantras sets a pattern of particular vibrations around the aura of the sponsor. The ritual consists of the power of Beej mantras combined with authentic Shree Suktam. The ritual is performed chanting the powerful mantras along with fire ceremony. Fire ceremony is performed to invoke the Agni, the God of Fire by the Ghee and other offerings. The fire ceremony is done with pure cow ghee and kamalghattas, seeds of Lotus flower. The ritual invokes the Goddess Lakshmi instantly. It is believed that one who does this ritual daily or once in a week gains abundance and richness in a shorter period of time.

If you are Non Indian Resident then please click here to book this Anushthan/Diksha.

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If you are Indian Resident then please click here to book this Anushthan/Diksha.

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