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Siddh Mahalakshmi Mantra - Holi Sadhna

Siddh Mahalakshmi Mantra
सिद्ध महालक्ष्मी मंत्र

The festival of Holi is very significant from the viewpoint of Tantra and sadhna. Our vedic Rishis & seers have used many sadhnas on this occassion to bring the abundance and prosperity in the life. One such very beneficial sadhna is Siddh Mahalakshmi sadhna. This is a one day ritual and very easy to perform. The mantra was firstly used by Rishi Vishwamitra.
How To Chant The Mantra

This Mahalakshmi mantra is used on the eve of Holi to obtain abundance and money.
Worship the Guru for success of the mantra.
Take the bath & wear yellow dress.
Face north and sit on a comfortable place.
Start the sadhna before sunset.
Lit an incense & oil lamp before the picture of Goddess Mahalakshmi.
Chant 21 mala of this mantra.
After sadhana chant 108 times of this mantra daily.

"Om Shreem Aaksmik Dhan Prapatayee Shreem Om"

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Important: You Have To Receive Deeksha or permission from Guruji to get the results of this mantra.

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