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Get Name & Fame with the help of Surya Ashtakam

Get Name & Fame with the help of Surya Ashtakam

Lord Surya has created all the world and is the source of life of every creature. Surya is the God who kills every sin and negative influences of the sadhak. Surya Ashtakam is a divine prayer. This prayer along with a powerful mantra helps any sadhak to get name and fame in life easily in a period of time. It is well written in the shastras “ If one recites daily this octet on Sun God,  The sufferings of his house will vanish, If he does not have a son will get one, And if he is poor, he would become wealthy.” 

This is a very rare prayog which has been used by many entrepreneurs, politicians, lawyers and stars to get the name and fame very quickly. The prayog can be started from any Sunday in the morning. Face east and recite the Surya Ashtakam 4 times and chant 7 mala of the mantra and then again recite the Surya Ashtakam 4 times. This prayog is done for 7 Sundays in a year to get the desired results.

Mantra- “ Om Hreem Ghreeni: Surya Aaditya Hreem Om.”
               ॐ ह्रीं घृणिः सूर्यः आदित्यः ह्रीं ॐ

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