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Famous Tara Mantras, Stotras & Sadhna

Famous Tara Mantras, Stotras & Sadhna
महाविद्या तारा मंत्र, स्तोत्र और साधना 

In the group of the Mahavidyas, Tara comes next to Kali. Tara closely resembles Kali in appearance. And just as Kali, Tara too displays gentle  or fierce  aspects. She was a prominent goddess well before the Mahavidya cult came into being. Tara has a much wider presence outside the Mahavidya periphery, especially in the Tantric traditions of both Hinduism and Tibetan Buddhism. The Tantra regards Tara as potent as Kali. In all the three traditions, Tara the blue goddess is a guide and a protector; and helps to tide over the stormy sea of troubles and turmoil of life. She is Tarini, deliverer or savior, one who saves guides and transports to salvation.

Tara's complexion is blue whereas Kali's can be black or deep blue. Tara holds a bowl made from a scull in one hand, a pair of scissors in another, a blue lotus in the third hand and an axe in the fourth. The scissors and sword in the hands of Tara are tools to remove the ego, the sense of mistaken identity that defines, limits, and binds. They are not weapons of death and destruction. Tara is draped in tiger skin around her waist; and is not naked unlike Kali who symbolizes absolute freedom. Tara is the deity of accomplishments and is often propitiated by business persons for success. As per regular requests of sadhaks some useful links to various sadhnas of Mahavidya Tara is posted for their benefits.

1. तारा महाविद्या साधना के अनुभव और खतरा
2. तारा साधना कैसे करें - मंत्र और विधि 
3. Ugra Tara Aghor Sadhna
4. Tara Mahavidya Dhyan, Mantra & Significance
5. Mahavidya Tara Pratyangira Kavacham
6. Mahavidya Tara Yantra
7. Tara Sadhna
8. समस्त शत्रुओं को ख़तम करना है तो रोज 7 बार पढ़ें मा तारा का यह आसान गुप्त स्तोत्र
9. Mantra To Fulfill Wishes - Neelmani Tara Mahavidya Mantra​
10. Tara Beej Mantra
तारा महाविद्या स्थापन और शकिपात 
Mahavidya TARA Shatnaam Stotra -108 Names of Mahavidya Tara​

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