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Mantra To Cure Pimples

Kamdev Mantra to cure Boils, Pimples and other Skin diseases kamdev mantra to cure boils, pimples
अदभुत कामदेव मंत्र

The Mantra helps to cure boils, pimples and other skin diseases and thus Increases Self-confidence. The mantra also helps to get fame in the society as it enhances the magnetic field near your body. The mantra provides you better opportunities in job and profession. Early marriage is the another advantage of this mantra. Further it increases your concentration and is very simple to use.

How To Chant The Kamdev Mantra

The Siddhi [mastery] is gained during the period of an Eclipse by reciting this mantra 1008 times. After mastery you have to take some dust from a street corner[where four roads meet].Then you have to bind that dust with the mantra by holding it in your hand and chanting the Mantra. Then you have to apply that dust on the affected body part of that person. This procedure has to be repeated for 3 days. 

Chant 108 times everyday for the desired results(alternative). 

Take only Satvik Food. Practice Asthanga Yoga.

Kamdev Mantra

"ऊँ क्लीं क्लीं क्लीं आन्नंग रति प्रियाये सौन्दर्या देहि देहि देह: आकर्षया आकर्षया क्लीं क्लीं ॐ नमः"
Om Kleem kleem kleem Aanang rati priyaye Saundarya dehi dehi deha akarshya akrshya Kleem Kleem Om Namah

Important: You are Advised to recieve Kamdev Deeksha or permission from Guruji to get the best results of this Kamdev mantra.
Follow Some Basic Guidelines To Ensure Success In Hanuman Mantra Sadhna. Contact us for any question regarding this sadhna.

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Elise says:
Apr, 24th, 2014, 02:47 PM

Hello I'm Elise For this mantra, I must take dust where four streets intersect, then I recite 108 for 3 days? Please

Guru Shakti says:
Apr, 24th, 2014, 04:33 PM

Read the article carefully.

Elise says:
Jun, 1st, 2014, 05:12 AM

Thank you

swetha says:
Jul, 26th, 2014, 05:35 AM

What do u actually mean by the word "Dust" in this article?

Guru Shakti says:
Jul, 28th, 2014, 01:50 PM

swetha, soil.

lucky says:
Jul, 30th, 2014, 06:51 AM

sir i m suffering from acne problem from past 12 years.I was in 10th class that time.But in those days pimples used to disappear in 3 to 4 days.Whereas today i have severe random eruptions of acne on my face and neck.i tried everything allopathy,homeopathy , home mades,mesotherapy everything i m so depresssed about my acne problem that i cant even explain it to u.....i m still hoping that i one maybe i got a clear skin without acne ,scar,blemishes....this moment...... i just want to know whether this mantra gonna help me?

Guru Shakti says:
Aug, 1st, 2014, 05:06 PM

lucky, sure it will help.

Heera says:
Aug, 23rd, 2014, 03:16 AM

Guruji when is eclipse in august.when to chant at night

Guru Shakti says:
Aug, 25th, 2014, 05:37 PM

Heera, search google for panchang and eclipse. After 11 pm.

Vivek Subramanian says:
Sep, 6th, 2014, 04:25 AM

Can this mantra just be practiced daily 108 times without taking the soil from the streets. Tell me a specific time when this mantra can be recited.

Vivek Subramanian says:
Sep, 6th, 2014, 04:51 AM

Sir. Please give the meaning of this mantra.

Guru Shakti says:
Sep, 10th, 2014, 05:19 PM

Vivek Subramanian, do as described.

Guru Shakti says:
Sep, 10th, 2014, 05:20 PM

Vivek Subramanian, the mantra simply means to provide the beauty and health with magnetism.

Abhi.. says:
Sep, 14th, 2014, 12:51 PM

dear sir, Canu yu plz lemme knoe d procedure proply..Wer shd i chant d mantra?? deN how shd d dust b applied to d effectd area(dry r??) n how long shd i leav it?? n hOw many days shd i reapt??

Guru Shakti says:
Sep, 15th, 2014, 02:50 AM

Abhi, reread the article again & again. You will know.

Sangharsha says:
Oct, 11th, 2014, 07:19 AM

Namaste sir, while energizing the dust holding on the hand how many times have to be recited this mantra?Kindly reply me sir

Guru Shakti says:
Oct, 14th, 2014, 05:32 PM

Sangarsaha, 5-11 times.

kundan says:
Nov, 22nd, 2014, 01:50 PM

1008 bar din me nahi jap sakte

Guru Shakti says:
Nov, 25th, 2014, 05:24 PM

kundan, you can.