Guru Shakti

Mantra For High Blood Pressure

उच्च रक्तचाप नियंत्रण करने का मंत्र
Dhanvantri Mantra For High Blood Pressure

Hypertension (HTN) or high blood pressure, sometimes called arterial hypertension, is a chronic medical condition in which the blood pressure in the arteries is elevated. Hypertension is a major risk factor for stroke, heart attack and major kidney diseaese.This mantra helps to regulate the High Blood Pressure and also helps to provide you a better health.

How To Chant The Mantra
  • Take some water and chant 5 rosaries of this mantra facing north.
  • Give some of the water to the patient in any way.
  • Give some of the water to Banyan tree praying to control the high  Blood pressure.
  • You will observe health restored in a short period of  time.

 ॐ प्रीं धं धन्वन्त्रयै धं प्रीं ॐ ॥
Om Preem Dham Dhanvantrayee Dham Preem Om

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mk1011 says:
Sep, 8th, 2014, 03:11 PM

what is mantra to control Low BP

Guru Shakti says:
Sep, 10th, 2014, 05:51 PM

mk1011, Om Hum Hum Mahabalay Hum Hum Om Phat. 5 mala.

Abhi.. says:
Sep, 14th, 2014, 01:44 PM

dear sir, My dadz Sufferin from health problemz..Can yo suggest me any lord hanumanji's Mantra for gud health??(he cant chant d mantra..sOo sugest me sumthin dat i can dOo in behalf of him) thanku..

Guru Shakti says:
Sep, 15th, 2014, 02:51 AM

Abhi, chant 7 times of Hanuman Chalisa for him and give some water to him. He will recover soon.

Shweta says:
Sep, 26th, 2014, 10:49 AM

Sir, My husband is having high bp which mantra which mantra to be chanted ? The one "Om preem sham.... Or one mentioned below ? Om Lam Lalita Devyai Namaha

Guru Shakti says:
Sep, 28th, 2014, 05:21 PM

Shweta, I suggest you to search for this mantra on "mantrascience" Youtube channel.