Guru Shakti

I have been doing the Sidhi Vinayak Mantra for a long time now . I felt a lot of emanation of positive energy out of my body as I did this mantra within 2 weeks. I guess as one does this mantra one build up a huge force-field/ bubble of positive, divine energies around oneself which automatically works to clear up all problems.

A Disciple

I went to see Guruji in September last year in Punjab, India. Guruji is a very humble person, he explained the meanings of all the rituals he did. We got to learn many mantras from Guruji which are chanting regularly. Since we have been back we have seen the effect of the mantras. Our 2 business are running smoothly and we notice a lot of improvement in the short duration since we have returned from India and daily chanting the mantras.


Amazing site. Wealth of information. Great team behind GuruShakti. Congrats!!!


Guruji! I turn to you with a humble request for blessing me and giving diksha to my spiritual practice mantra was effective. I love mantra sadhana, and I want them to perform. Can I get from you Guruji's guidance for these practices? I'm from Polish. Should I come to India to receive the blessing of diksha? Thank you for your uploads before - on the occasion of Navratri, New Year's mantras. I took advantage of all of her husband Robert and appropriate sadhana done for them. The resulting mantra to calm our hostile neighbor to us and calmed him half a year we have relative peace. Thank you.


Hello my beloved Guru(ji): I want to again thank you for everything you've done for me, I'm in deep appreciation. I also simply wanted to know if you were well (hope I haven't bothered you with messages like this one)? I give you worship, praise, thanks, love. Worship to you oh my beloved Guru. Worship to you my beloved Guru(ji)...thanks again.


Dear Sir: I have been listening faithfuly Anushtan you performed on my behalf and things have been running along on my favor. Thank you so much for changing my life.


After getting Diksha from Guruji, my life has totally changed. I feel higher energies inside my body. My wife got the job after 5 years and my financial conditions have improved a lot. I salute you Guruji from the bottom of my heart.


Jai Gurudev. I started sadhna for Mahalakshmi after receiving Deeksha from Guruji. On 11th day, Goddess Lakshmi appeared in front of me and asked me the question " May I come in".. I was bewildered but pleased....I said " can......Thank you Guruji for helping me to get all of these rich and wonderful experiences.


Namaste Guruji, I am writing to you to request Guru Diksha . Please kindly bless me so that I may receive your blessings and undoing so accept me as your disciple. I touch your holy feet with the deepest of reverence Guruji. My heartfelt devotion to you.


so peaceful sound and relaxing by kru Moti Lal. Even thou i can't understand indian language i love the sanskrit base in mantra. Language of the vedic and the gods. I respect so much.