Chandra Beej Mantra

चंद्र बीज़ मंत्र   

Chandra Beej Mantra


This powerful Chandra Beej Mantra aligns you with the positive vibrations of Lord Chandra.The Chandra beej mantra has the power to provide all material comforts, conveyance, land and love from everywhere. The Chandra beej mantra also boost the mind power. ‘Chandra’ or Moon is the quickest of all the seven planets. 


Chandra represents brain and mind, emotions, sensitivity, softness, imagination, queen and mother. Chandra rules over the sign Karka (Cancer), while he is exalted in Vrishabha (Taurus) and in his fall in Vrishchika (Scorpio). The waxing moon is considered to be benefic, and the waning moon is considered to be malefic. 

Chandra  is a Sanskrit name meaning "illustrious." In Hindu mythology, Chandra is the god of the moon. In Hindu astrology, the moon is considered a planet, and it's considered to be one of the best planets to be born under as it promises wealth and happiness. It is also referred as Shashi. Moon is also known as Chandra  is the presiding deity of the element, water and rules over the tides of the sea. Moon is the ruler of the plants and the vegetable kingdom. Chandra Beej Mantra is a powerful mantra which could be accompanied with 28 Names of Chandra, Chandra Gayatri Mantra and Navgraha Kavach.


Benefits Chandra Beej Mantra


  • The Moon represents the mind and accordingly, it indicates a person’s thinking, feelings and other mental processes.
  • It gives intuitive nature, taste, youth, love of poetry, music, attractive looks and sensuality.
  • Its influence makes one moody, emotional and sensitive. 
  • A powerful Moon gives emotional strength, makes for good relations and love for others.

To calm down the negative effects of the planet in the horoscope , one must recite the following mantra 108 times (one mala) everyday in front of Energized Chandra Yantra.

Chandra Beej Mantra

ॐ श्रां श्रीं श्रौं सः चंद्राय नमः ॥ 

Om Shraam Shreem Shraum Sah: Chandray Namah:


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Published on Sep 15th, 2013

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