Guidelines for Sadhaka

guidelines for sadhak

A sadhaka is the person who recites the Mantras, meditates and performs all the rites to attain sidhi “mastery” through Mantras. The sadhaka should observe some rules and regulations very strictly while practicing Mantra Shakti. One who controls his body and mind is the Sadhaka. Sadhaka has one word engraved in his mind - "शरीरं साधयति  स: साधकः"  A sadhak should always follow some guidelines before performing any sadhna or ritual.


The following Guidelines are provided for the Sadhaka:-

  • Get the mantra diksha from a competent Guru.
  • Get the mantra from the Guru.
  • Start the mantra sadhana on an auspicious time.
  • Enchant the mantra on the same time everyday for quick success.
  • Complete faith and unconditional love backed by a clear heart towards the deity is required for Sadhana.
  • Do not start Mantra Recitation under any pressure.
  • Trust in God, Cosmic love, kindness and patience should be the virtues of a Sadhaka.
  • Avoid harsh speech, lust, anger, restless thoughts, evil company and egoism
  • Do not gel emotional.
  • Mantras on hearsay should be avoided .
  • Sadhana without any specific aim bears fruits early.
  • In case you see any miracle, do not fear. 
  • Keep your will power strong and continue your Sadhana. All troubles will vanish.
  • Brahmacharya or celibacy should be observed during sadhana.
  • In case of failure, do not lose heart. Try it again and again and you will be crowned with success.

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Published on Sep 2nd, 2013

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