Attract Girls and Influence Women

 त्रिपुर मदनाक्षी मन्त्र 

Tripur Madnakshi Vashikaran Mantra


Tripur Madanakshi Vashikaran Mantra is helpful in attracting the girls & women. The Tripur Madanakshi  Mantra is a general vashikaran mantra for attraction and greater magnetism. The Vashikaran mantra helps to develop a better social circle and let you develop a very decent personality among girls and women. The Vashikaran mantra should be used only for good purposes.


How To Chant The Tripur Madnakshi Vashikaran Mantra

  • Start From Friday night facing north.
  • Wear Blue or white clothes for this purpose.
  • Lit a pure ghee lamp and focus on the light while chanting the mantra.
  • Chant 5 rosaries of the mantra with Energized Sammohan Mala.
  • Do the mantra chant for consistent 21 days.
  • You will surely attract girls & women.


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Tripur Madnakshi Vashikaran Mantra

"Kleem Kleem Shreem Shrem Hreem Hreem Tripur Madanakshi Madipsitam Yoshitam Dehi Vanshitam Kuru Swaha"

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Published on Nov 26th, 2013

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