Shatru Nashak Sudarshan Chakra Maran Mantra

 शत्रु नाशक सुदर्शन चक्र मंत्र 

Sudarshan Chakra Mantra


This is a Maran Mantra which is used to destroy the intentions and actions of enemies. This mantra was told by a divine saint to Guruji. This Sudarshan Chakra Shabar mantra is practiced to destroy negative energies and enemies. The mantra vidhi is secret and the mantra is for educational purposes only. Please don't ask for its vidhi or procedure.


How To Chant The Sudarshan Chakra Mantra

  • The mastery of this shabar mantra can be attained on a solar or lunar eclipse.
  • Wear yellow clothes for this purpose.
  • Worship Lord Vishnu with incense & flowers.
  • Lit an oil lamp before the picture of Lord Vishnu.
  • Chant 1008 times of this mantra facing north on eclipse only.
  • After completion,********(SECRET).

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       Sudarshan Chakra Mantra

Om Namo Sudarshan Chakray Maha Chakray Shigra Aagach Aagach Pragtay Pragtay Mam

(Name) Shatru Katya Katya Marya Marya Jwalaya Jwalaya Vindvansaya Vindvansaya

Chedaya Chedaya Mam Sarvatra Rakshay Rakshay Hum Phat

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Published on Apr 30th, 2014

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