Shabar Mantra For Getting Slim and To Be Beautful

रति की तरह सुन्दर दिखने का मंत्र


Rati Shabar Mantra

Are you sick of being overweight and find too many clothes to figure out that are too small on you? How to get slim naturally is very doable. Follow the practical tips and suggestions below in order to get the best results without medications or treatments. This Rati Shabar mantra sadhna is for women who want to get slimmer and to be beautiful in life. The shabar mantra sadhna also increases the confidence level. This shabar mantra is a very effective and tested mantra.


How To Chant The Rati Shabar Mantra

  • Start from any Friday.
  • In the morning take bath and don't comb the hair.
  • Take a bhojpatra and some turmeric, kumkum with you and write your name on the bhoojpatra.
  • Wear white clothes or saree for this purpose.
  • ​Facing east, chant 5 rosary of this mantra with Energized Rakt Chandan Mala.
  • Do this sadhna for consecutive 21 days.
  • Take meal only one time.
  • Don't consume milk, rice and potatoes during the 21 days.
  • Throw the bhoojpatra in a river after the sadhna.

Shabar Rati Mantra

ॐ रति रति महारति कामदेव की दुहाई संसार की सुन्दरी भुवन मोहिनी

अनंगप्रिया मेरे शरीर मे आवे अंग अंग सुधारे जो न सुधारे तो कामदेव पर वज्र पड़े ॥

"Om Rati Rati Maharati Kaamdev Ki Duhai Sansar Ki Sundari Bhuvan Mohini Anangpriya

Mere Sharir Me Aave Ang Ang Sudhare Jo Na Sudhare To Kaamdev Par Vajra Pade"

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Published on Sep 5th, 2013

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