Black Magic or Tantra Nivaran Anushthan

तंत्र निवारण अनुष्ठान् Black Magic puja

Black magic or Tantra Prayog is the malefic intentions manifested into a negative activity by the wrong doers with the help of Tantriks or charlatans. This malpractice is adopted by many corrupt persons across the globe because of the jealous and selfish nature. The victims are usually innocent people which might or might not know such types of attack on them.

Tantrik prayogs are not easy  to perform but nowadays corrupt people and charlatans have become Tantriks. These people don't  have  the capability to do good and guide the people but just to fill their coffers they perform Tantrik Prayog on other innocent people. As a result the entire family  of the affected person is destroyed slowly. The person or family faces loss of wealth, health and peace. Termination of services, break-up in the family and even premature death are some of the signs of Tantrik Prayog.

The Black Magic Removal Anushthan is performed only in an auspicious time by Guruji. The The Black Magic Removal Anushthan would involve chanting of powerful mantras, stotras and tantrokt pujan. The ritual invokes the Gods & Goddesses and provides blessings to the sponsor or object of the ritual.

You will be given an auspicious Time by Guruji. You can attend the The Black Magic Removal Anushthan directly by making a call to Guruji on the specified mobile number. If you are unable to call Guruji we will send you the recording of the ritual on the next day. (You can also send your picture for this puja.)

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Published on Jan 20th, 2015

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