Siddh Mahalakshmi Mantra Holi Sadhna

सिद्ध महालक्ष्मी मंत्र 

Sidh Lakshmi Mantra


The festival of Holi is very significant from the viewpoint of Tantra and sadhna. Our vedic Rishis & seers have used many sadhnas on this occassion to bring the abundance and prosperity in the life. One such very beneficial sadhna is Siddh Mahalakshmi sadhna. This is a one day ritual and very easy to perform. The mantra was firstly used by Rishi Vishwamitra.

How To Chant The Sidh Lakshmi Mantra


  • This Mahalakshmi mantra is used on the eve of Holi to obtain abundance and money.
  • Worship the Guru for success of the mantra.
  • Take the bath & wear yellow dress.
  • Face north and sit on a comfortable place.
  • Start the sadhna before sunset.
  • Lit an incense & oil lamp before the picture of Goddess Mahalakshmi.
  • Chant 21 mala of this mantra.
  • After sadhana chant 108 times of this mantra daily.


Lakshmi Shabar Mantra

Sidh Lakshmi Mantra

"Om Shreem Aaksmik Dhan Prapatayee Shreem Om"

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Published on Mar 18th, 2016

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