इस मत्र को 3 बार जपें और ज्वर से छुटकारा Narasimha Mantra

ज्वर नाशक नृसिंह मंत्र

Narasimha Mantra To Remove Fever


Fever is usually a sign that the body is working to fight off an illness of some kind. There are many causes of illness like bacteria and viruses which intrude into the body system but there are some acute fevers which cann't be accounted for any reasons. The general medicine doesn't help either. This powerful Narasimha mantra is a very effective mantra to remove any kind of fever and to restore the level of health. The Narasimha Mantra is also used for general protection.


How To Use The Narasimha Mantra To Remove Fever

  • The Narasimha Mantra is used to remove fever of any kind and for general protection.
  • Worship your Guru and Lord Narasimha before chanting the mantra.
  • Start from any auspicious day.
  • Lit a Ghee Lamp and face north.
  • Chant 11 mala of this mantra with Energized Sphatik Mala at night.
  • Perform this sadhna for 29 days and the mantra will be a Siddh mantra. 
  • Whenever you need Just chant 3 times of this mantra touching the patient from bottom to top & free him from any fever.

remove fever Narasimha mantra

 Narasimha Mantra To Remove Fever

"Om Kshaum Namo Bhagwate Naarsimhay Jwalamalinay Deept Danshtray  Agni Netray 
Sarv Rakshognay Sarv Bhoot Vinashay Sarv JwarVinaShay Dah Dah Pach Pach Raksh Raksh Hum Phat"

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Published on Sep 13th, 2017

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