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My work with Guruji has been truly transformative. I cannot thank Him enough and I cannot recommend him enough. I am a European American business man from New York City. 

I love Hinduism and all of the Indian spiritual traditions and have taken them seriously my whole life. I even lived in Japan for 5 years where I deeply studied Japanese Tantric Buddhism and Shinto. Being that I have a successful and stable life in America I have no desire to go to India in order to pursue spirituality only. I also have no burning desire to be in India in order to "complete" my spiritual journey. 30 or 40 years ago I probably would have gone to India, but thanks to many many great Masters like Guruji the people of the world all have access to Guruji's blessings, His Diksha and all of the amazing Mantras and other traditions he imparts are a massive boon to the world and available to all. 

I have always struggled to maintain a balance between my material and spiritual lives and I have been searching for the best practices to balance the two and have found many many interesting practices along the way. When a good friend referred me to the Guru Shakti website I was fascinated, but I had no idea what to do with all of the information on the website. I struggled for quite a while deciding if I should take Diksha from Guruji or not. I really wanted one specific practice and I decided to receive Diksha. I only planned on receiving Guru Diksha and one other Diksha. 

I felt such wonderful, powerful, energy that I immediately recognized as being a true spiritual energy from a bonafied Master and from a true tradition. I have experienced this feeling with other True Masters and immediately realized Guruji as a real Master and all of my fears were subsided. I received so much energy, power, spiritual insights and even deep deep states of meditation in the Diksha alone. 

Since beginning to work with Guruji my life has improved tremendously. I struggled with obesity for many years and I was able to transform my diet and lose 35 pound and begin going to the gym daily. I had struggled with this for 5 years and was never able to break the cycle of obesity. I know many brothers and sisters in India struggle with obesity and diabetes. Please do whatever you can to take care of your health. Try doing some work with Guruji. It could save your life because remember that obesity and diabetes kill you very very slowly and when you break the cycle of obesity you start to feel alive again. 

Just try something with Guruji. His prices are very reasonable. And for anyone who questions payment consider this. All of the big temples and churches in the world have histories, major sponsors, and people donating money constantly. Mainstream religion also helps many people and the donations are important. Guruji gives hundreds of free mantras, practices and He speaks English well so if you have any issues he can answer them. Please contact Guruji if you have any desire for true spiritual practice. 

New York City
Marketing Executive


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Published on May 10th, 2019

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