Dhumavati Shabar Shatru Maran Mantra

                  धूमावती शाबर शत्रु मारण

Dhumavati Shabar Shatru Maran Mantra


Dhumavati unlike most other Mahavidya is old, ugly and sulking. She is the only Mahavidya without a consort. She is a widow associated with strife, loneliness, unfulfilled desires and inauspicious things of life. She indulges in quarrels and is intolerant of anything that is auspicious. Dhumavati is worshipped by the Tantrics for attainment of Siddhis (magical powers).


Though Dhumavati's worship is considered ideal for bachelors, widows, Sanyasins and Tantrics, the householder too flock to her seeking blessings and fulfillment of their desires. Mahavidya Dhumavati mantra is also used to demolish the enemies & their actions immediately.


How To Chant The Dhumavati Shatru Maran Shabar Mantra

  • This Dhumavati Shatru Maran Shabar Mantra is a very powerful mantra which can destroy the enemies very quickly.
  • Start the mantra on a no-moon night after 12 pm.
  • Wear black clothes and sit on a black asan.
  • Keep a lemon in front of you and write the name of enemy with  a piece of coal on the lemon.
  • Lit 4 lamps in each direction.
  • Chant 21 rosaries of this mantra with Black Hakik mala.
  • After completion burn the coal and squeeze the lemon on that fire.
  • Throw that coal in the cremation ground on the next day.
  • Repeat the sadhna for 3 months.

Dhumavati Shatru Maran Shabar Mantra

धूं धूं धूमावती मसान में रहती मरघट जगाती सूप छानती 
जोगनियों के संग नाचती डाकनियों के संग माँस खाती
 मेरे बैरी का भी तू माँस खाय कलेजा खाए लहू पीये
 प्यास बुझाय मेरे बैरी को तड़पा तड़पा मार ना मारे तो
 तोहूँ माता पार्वती के सिंदूर की दुहाई कनीपा औघड़ की आन

Dhumavati Shabar Mantra

Dhum Dhum Dhumavati Masan Mein Rehti Marghat Jagati Soop Chaanti Joginiyon Ke Sang Nachti Dakiniyon Ke Sang Maans Khati Mere Bairi Ka Bhi Tu Maans Khay Kaleja Khay Lahoo Piye Pyas Bhujhay Mere Bairi Ko Tadpa Tadpa Maar Na Mare To Tohun Mata Paarvati Ke Sindoor Ki Duhai Kanipa Aughar Ki Aan


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Published on Jun 4th, 2019

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