Mantra To Remove Family Problems

क्लेश नाशक मंत्र


Klesh Nashak Kali Mantra

Kali is the Supreme Goddess resolving and harmonizing the contrasting attributes of creation and dissolution,. She is the very essence of every existence.All the dualities of life, the light and the dark, the beautiful and the fearsome, are united and reconciled in Kali. Kali is the symbol of eternal time she presides over all stages of the life. Kali is consciousness in motion and the overflowing joy that projects, sustains, and withdraws the universe. And her destruction has a dual aspect; she gives birth to new life as the old one fades away in the darkness of death.


This Kali mantra is practiced to remove family problems, disputes & conflicts. Family disputes sometimes becomes a source of pain and disappointment. Sometime a personal problem in the family can even destroy the whole family. The Klesh Nashak Kali mantra has proven to be successful in curbing these kinds of situations from the life of the sadhak.

How To Chant The Klesh Nashak Kali Mantra

  • The mantra is chanted on Holi or from any Tuesday in morning.
  • Worship Goddess Kali with incense & rose flowers.
  • Lit an oil lamp before the picture of Goddess Kali.
  • Take some water with you.
  • Chant 5 rosaries of this mantra with coral rosary.
  • After each session of mantra chant, sprinkle this water in your house or office.
  • This is a tested mantra to remove any kind of conflict.

Klesh Nashak Kali Mantra

ॐ क्लीं क्लेश नाशाय क्लीं नमः
Om Kleem Klesh Nashay Kleem Namah:

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Published on Aug 10th, 2019

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