Remove Bad Luck Mantra

दुर्गति नाशक दुर्गा मंत्र


Remove Bad Luck Mantra

Bad Luck is an undesirable outcome of an event or situation. Bad Luck brings loss and unexpected results. The opposite outcome of an event due to bad luck hampers the growth of life. Sometimes it almost ruins the person and the families. Some instances of bad luck are accidents, monetary loss, loss due to fire & water and loss of relationships due to misunderstanding.


This mantra removes the bad luck from life. The mantra also helps in removing the negative thoughts and bad dreams. The mantra belongs to the Durga and is also known as Durgati Nashak Mahamaya mantra.


How To Chant The Remove Bad Luck Mantra

  • Start from Tuesday facing south.
  • Sit on the bed after washing your face & hands..
  • Worship Goddess Durga in your mind only.
  • Chant 108 times of this mantra before getting from the bed and before sleeping.
  • Do this mantra everyday to get the divine grace of Goddess Durga and for removing bad luck and bad dreams in life.

 Mantra To Remove Bad Luck

ॐ ह्रीं श्रीं क्लीं  दुर्गति नाशिन्यै महामायायै स्वाहा 

Om Hreem Shreem Durgati Nashinayee Mahamayayee Swaha

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Published on Aug 10th, 2019

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