Parad Shivling Energized

पारद शिवलिंग प्राण प्रतिष्टित 

Parad Shivling Energized

Parad Shivling is a unique product equivalent to 12 Jyotirlingam and is considered a boon for the worshipper. Any person who has established Parad Shivling at their home will have their life filled with money, happiness and will be free of bad effects and even untimely death. Parad Shivling is a rare tantric product. It is used for Sadhna and by concentrating on it all of the wishes are completed in a matter of time.Parad Shivling is a rare tantric product.


As per Rasalingam Parad Shivling ( symbolizes Lord Mahamrityunjaya Shiva – the conqueror of Death. It makes an individual free from fear of death, deadly diseases and severe dangers. It also goads its worshiper towards holiness and spirituality, health and chivalry. Parad is regarded as the sperm (seed) of Lord Shiva. It is said in Brahma Purana that who worships Mercury Shivling devotedly gets full worldly pleasures, and at last attains supreme destination (salvation). 


Rishi Vyasa, great ancient sage, mentions that Lord Shiva is smaller than the sub-atomic particle like Proton, Neutron and Electron. Shivling consists of three parts. The three parts symbolize Brahma at the bottom, Vishnu in the middle and Shiva on the top.  Parad Shivling is not only matchless but also incomparable in whole world.


Benefits of Parad Shivling

  • Best for Shiv Sadhnas and to attain Sidhis in Bhairav Sadhnas.
  • Parad Shivling develops mind power to attain strong will which is good for growth of both physical health and mind.
  • Parad Shivling eliminates misfortunes and brings good luck and success in life.
  • Parad Shivling brings peace of mind eliminating restlessness, depression, mental instability and anxiety.
  • Parad Shivling brings Prosperity to the house or office.
  • Parad Shivling removes ill-effects of Brahmhatya, Gau-hatya and Bal-hatya.
  • Ras Ratnakar, Ras Chandasu, Samhita and Rasendara Chudamani explains that by the very touch of it, a person gets the benefit of Shiv pooja in all the cosmic worlds.


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Published on Aug 26th, 2019

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