Nar Mund Mala

नर मुंड माला प्राण प्रतिष्टित 

narmund mala

Nar Mund Mala symbolizes fear and courage. Nar Mund Mala represents liberation, knowledge and wisdom. Nar Mund Mala is the necklace of many Gods & Goddesses. Lord Shiva wears the Nar Mund Mala and sits in Shamshan. Goddess Mahakali wears the Nar Mund Mala symbolizing the heads of foes and demons slain by the wearer goddess in battle. Mahavidya Chhinnamasta adornes the Nar Mund Mala as Her only jewellery. 


Nar Mund Mala is used for 'japa' of Goddess Kali and Lord Shiva. Mund Mala is made of carved skull beads used to recite the Fierce Mantra Sadhana. Nar Mund Mala signify the victory over Time and fear of Death. In Tantra, the Nar Mund Mala represents the continual creation and destruction cycles of human existence


Benefits of Nar Mund Mala

  • Nar Mund Mala is used in the Japa of Mahakali, Bhairava and Chhinnamasta Sadhana.
  • Nar Mund Mala brings victory in legal cases.
  • Nar Mund Mala is used for the destruction of the actions of enemies.
  • Nar Mund Mala removes fear and phobias.
  • Nar Mund Mala brings change in the personality of the Sadhaka.

How To energize Nar Mund Mala?

Nar Mund Mala becomes more powerful when energized by mantras and mala sanskar. The mala sanskar is a secret subject and very few persons are able to energize the mala in the right way.

Who can wear the Nar Mund Mala?

Only the Sadhak of Shakti performing fierce sadhana wear the Nar Mund Mala in an auspicious time with the permission of his Guru.

Rules for using the Nar Mund Mala

There are some common rules for using any mala. You can read the rules by clicking here.

Technical Specifications: 41 Beads made of Florite Stone

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Published on Aug 27th, 2019

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