Shaligram Energized White

शालिग्राम प्राण प्रतिष्टित

Energized Shaligram white

Shaligram is the most sacred stone, and is worshipped by Vaishnavites as Lord Vishnu resides in the Shaligram.As per Skanda Purana white markings on Shaligram represents Krishna, Sridhara and Vanamala. 'Darshan' of Shila having white impressions makes the person an Indra. White Shaligram grants enlightenment, dignity, knowledge and charisma.A White Shaligram provides a sure place in Vaikuntha close to Lord Vishnu. White Shaligram stone is very exotic, powerful and extremely attractive. White Shaligram emits very high radiance and have an extra ordinarily high energy levels. As per Skanda Purana, any person coming with in the energy zone of this Shila will be immensely blessed by Lord Vishnu and his all desires are bound to be fulfilled.


According to the religious text of Devi Bhagwata, to kill the demon Jalandhar Lord Vishnu needed to destroy Jalandhar wife Brindha's sati dharma. When he did that Sati Brindha gave four curse to Lord Vishnu to become stone, grass, tree, plant. To wash away this curse Lord Vishnu took four avatars or incarnations. He became stone (Sri Shaligram), grass (Kush), tree (Pipal) and plant (Tulsi). From this time onwards the Shaligrams are considered to be most auspicious to behold and to worship.


According to the Vaishnavas the Shaligram is the "dwelling place of Lord Vishnu" and any one who keeps it must worship it daily. The Lord Krishna himself mentions the qualities of Shaligram to 'Yudhishtir' in the Mahabharta. All the Shaligrams are considered auspicious. They are worshipped in temples, monasteries and households all over the world, as visible and natural emblems of Vishnu. They are also worshipped in religious functions like house-warming (grha-pravesha, vastu-puja), pacifying rites of different sorts ,marriages since it draws off all negative energies.


Benefits of Energized Shaligram

  • The use of the Shaligram Shila or Stone is similar to the use of 'Lingam' as abstract symbol of Lord Shiva.
  • White Shaligram provides charisma, enlightenment and knowledge.
  • Shaligrama worshiped with great devotion and faith makes the body pure and such person is worthy of being propitiated.
  • In times of solar or lunar eclipse, whatever ritual is undertaken becomes all the more effective when done in front of a Shaligram stone.
  • The rites of expiration of sins or prayaschitta becomes effective more by drinking the water in which Shaligram stones are washed than by gifts or fasting or by observances of various kinds. 
  • Merely looking at a salagrama stone would wash away the negative energies of the sadhak.
  • The aura from the Shaligrama cures many diseases including ignorance.

How To Energize Shaligram?

Shaligrama becomes more powerful when energized by mantras and Shaligrama sanskar. The Shaligrama sanskar is a secret subject and very few persons are able to energize the Shaligrama in the right way. The Sanskar includes Shaligrama Staphna, Digbandana, Bhutashudhi, Nyasa, Mudras and invoking the Lord Vishnu with different mantras.

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Published on Sep 1st, 2019

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