Sphatik Shivling Energized

स्फटिक शिवलिंग प्राण प्रतिष्ठित

Sphatik Shivling


Sphatik Shivling is a lingam made of quartz. Sphatikam is a semi-precious gemstone. Such a creation of nature is itself a miracle worthy of worship. Hindu offer milk, water, or vibhuti abhisheka to the Sphatika Lingam. They also chant 108 times Shiva Panchakshari Mantra . It is believed that Sphatika Lingam removes all curses and negative karma and enhances the confidence and power.


Sphatik Shivling protects from malefic effects of planets. Sphatik Shivling is considered very auspicious. Praying in front of Sphatik Shivling connects you with Lord Shiva. Sphatik Shivling brings happiness and prosperity. Sphatik Shivling clears all negative thoughts and vibrations from the surroundings resulting in success and happiness. Sphatik Shivling purifies the environment and helps in spiritual growth. Energized Sphatik Sphatik Shivling can be kept in office or in your living room.


Benefits of Energized Sphatik Shivling

  • Energized Sphatik Shivling helps is acquiring success in Shiv and Rudra Sadhna.
  • Energized Sphatik Shivling clears mind of all negative influences.
  • Energized Sphatik Shivling brings wealth and happiness.
  • Energized Sphatik Shivling controls the blood pressure and heart diseases.
  • Energized Sphatik Shivling eliminates misfortunes and brings good luck and success in life.
  • Energized Sphatik Shivling brings peace of mind eliminating restlessness, depression, mental instability and anxiety.

How To Energize Sphatik Shivling?

Sphatik Shivling becomes more powerful when energized by mantras and Lingam sanskar. The Lingam sanskar is a secret subject and very few persons are able to energize the Lingam in the right way. The Sanskar includes Lingam Staphna, Digbandana, Bhutashudhi, Nyasa, Mudras and invoking the Lord Shiva with different mantras.

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Published on Sep 3rd, 2019

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