Shradh Types and Days

विभिन्न प्रकार के श्राद्ध और श्राद्ध दिवस


Categories of Shraddha 

Performing Shradh is one of the main remedy for removing the Pitra Dosha, Pitra Rin and Pitra Shraap. Performing Shradh is considered to be a very important duty of a person. If the pitras are satisfied and happy with our shraddha and other rituals they can bring joy and clear our path to success in all spheres. There are many ways to lessen the effects of Pitra Dosha.


Pitras are the ancestors who had lived before us and our fore-fathers. Pitras has been described in many Hindu scriptures. Pitras are equivalent to Gods. As our body has come into existence because of our ancestors. Pitra Dosha occurs when the soul of our ancestors and departed forefathers does not get peace. Matasya Purana, Garuda Purana and Yama Smriti mentions the remedies and categories of performing Shradh.


Categories of Shraddha 


Parvana Shraddha (पार्वण श्राद्ध) – The first category of Shraddha is performed in the Mahalaya paksha and is the most popular category of performing the Shraddha. The kind of Shraddhah are done between the Pitru Paksha and Bhadrapada Purnima. The kind of Shraddha are also known as Parvana Shraddha. Vishwadeva are installed during Parvana Shraddha. Most of the Hindus perform Shraddha on these days to pacify the pitras.


Vriddhi Shraddha (वृद्धि श्राद्ध) – Vriddhi Shraddha is performed during special occasions like birth of boy in the family and on the occassion of the marriage of the boy. Special puja for the ancestors is done on these days to make the progress by leaps and bounds. It is believed that Pitra provides blessings to the family and the progress rate of the family gets quadrupled. Vriddhi Shraddha is also known as Nandi Shraddha.


Kamya Shraddha(काम्य श्राद्ध) – Kamya Shraddha is done during special Nakshatras like Rohini and Krittika Nakshatra. Kamya Shraddha is performed for attaining the particular material wishes. The puja for Pitras is performed by inviting the Brahmins and offering food, gifts and dresses to them. The Kamya Shraddha removes the Pitra Shraap in no time.


Naimittika Shraddha (नैमित्तिक श्राद्ध) – It is also known as Varshika Shraddha. Varshika Shraddha is performed for one person only. When a person dies in the family each year the family perform the Shraddha ritual for that person on the same Tithi or date. The other term for the type of Shraddha is anniversary Shraddha. Vishwadeva are not installed during Naimittika Shraddha.


Nitya Shraddha (नित्य श्राद्ध) – Nitya means daily or everyday. The kind Shraddha which is done daily is known as Nitya Shraddha. Vishwadeva are not installed during Nitya Shraddha. Nitya Shraddha can be performed with water only by pronouncing the word 'Swadha' three times.


Days For Shraddha Ceremony 


There are about 96 days in a year in which Shraddha are suggested including Pitru Paksha.

  • 15 days of Pitru Paksha.
  • 12 Amavasya in a Year. 
  • 12 Sankranti days 
  • 12 days of Vaidhriti Yoga
  • 12 days of Vyatipata Yoga 
  • 14 Manvadi Tithis or Manvantaras 
  • 15 days of Purvedyu, Ashtaka and Anvashtaka days. 
  • 4 Yugadi Days of Krita Yuga, Treta Yuga, Dwapar Yuga, Kali Yuga.

Apart from the 96 days, there are other days in which one can perform the Shraddha ceremony like Surya Grahan and Chandan Grahan, Bhishma Ashtami Day,birth anniversary of the son, marriage of the son, availability of a Brahmin, Gajachchhaya Yoga and Sampat day. 

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Published on Sep 8th, 2019

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