Vaijanti Mala Energized

वैजयन्ती माला 

Vaijanti Mala

Vaijanti Mala is the mala of victory. The Vaijanti Mala  is also known as Success Mala or Safalya Mala. 


Vaijanti seeds are very unique in nature and are found only in the forest of Braj. near Mathura region.


 It is said that Lord krishna wears this Vaijanti Mala and the person who wears it gets blessings from Lord Krishna himself.


Lord Krishna has six favourite things - Mor Pankh, Bansuri, Makhan, Misri, Cow and Vaijanti Mala.  Vaijanti Mala is also worn by Lord Vishnu.

Vaijanti Mala represnt eternal spiritual love. Most of the Krishna mantras are chanted with this Vaijanti Mala.


Lord Krishna also gifted a Vaijanti Mala to His Beloved Exuberance Radha which He made Himself. Lord Rama also gifted this Vaijanti Mala to Sita.


Skanda wore this Vaijanti Mala for increasing his strength in the war. Vaijanti Mala is used for attraction and spiritual power.


You can wear this Vaijanti mala without consulting astrologer.


Benefits of Vaijanti Mala

  • Vaijanti Mala is used in various Vishnu, Krishna and Rama Sadhana.
  • Vaijanti Mala removes all the Doshas.
  • Vaijanti Mala brings faith, peace and enlightenment.
  • Vaijanti Mala removes the evil foreces and buri nazar.
  • Vaijanti Mala increases the will power and positive harmones in the body.
  • Vaijanti Mala is also used in Kundalini Jagran sadhana.
  • Vaijanti Mala brings success and joy in life.
  • Vaijanti Mala is used for Shanti Karmas in Tantra.

How To Energize Vaijanti Mala?

Vaijanti Mala becomes more powerful when energized by mantras and mala sanskar.  Mala Sanskar includes utkeelan of the Mala, energizing it with the shakti of repetitive mantras and aahutis of particular divine mantras. The mala sanskar is a secret subject and very few people are able to energize the mala in the right way.

Who can wear the Vaijanti Mala ?

Any Sadhak can wear the Vaijanti Mala in an auspicious time with the permission of his Guru.

Rules for using the Vaijanti Mala

There are some common rules for using any mala. You can read the rules by clicking here.

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Published on Sep 21st, 2019

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