Lakshmi Brass Idol Energized

प्राण संस्कारित लक्ष्मी  मूर्ति विग्रह


Lakshmi Idol


Lakshmi Idol is a beautiful statue of Goddess Lakshmi energized with Murti Sanskar and 21000 Lakshmi Mantras. The Idol represent 'Sakshat Lakshmi'. The Lakshmi Idol can be placed in the temple of your home or in a sacred place. 


Goddess Lakshmi is the Hindu Goddess of prosperity (both material and spiritual), wealth, fertility, good fortune, and courage. She is said to bring good luck in life.


Lakshmi is the wife and consort of Lord Vishnu. Goddess Lakshmi brings success in the life of sadhak. The sadhak of Lakshmi remains free from the worries and scarcity. 


In Hindu religion, she was born from the churning of the primordial ocean or Samudra manthan and she chose Vishnu as her eternal consort. Lakshmi is considered another aspect of the same supreme goddess principle in the Shaktism tradition of Hinduism.


Lakshmi Idol can be installed in an auspicious time like Panchmi tithi, Deepawali, Dhanteras and other beneficial Yogas.


Benefits Energized Lakshmi Idol

  • Best for acquiring success in Lakshmi related Mantra Sadhana.
  • Energized Lakshmi Idol is used for gaining wealth, property, vehicles happy family life, position, fame-in other words all pleasures that life can offer.
  • Energized Lakshmi Idol is used for attaining a magnetic personality and thus even high ranking officers and ministers are left captivated by one's charms.
  • Enhanced Business. Sudden acquisition of wealth. Acquisition of land and buildings.
  • More Harmony in the family.



Weight 230 gm

Size: 5*5*8 cms.

Material: Brass

Energized  with Murti Sanskar and 21000 Lakshmi Mantras

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Published on Sep 30th, 2019

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