I Reversed The Black Magic

Dear Guruji,


I would like to say Thanks from the bottom of my heart for the wonderful results that I got from the mantra given by you.


My name is M*******. I live in Madya Pradesh. I live here with my grand mother. My father do a job in Delhi. Three weeks ago when I came back from my college, I clearly listened to the whisper of my neighbours indicating about me. One of my neighbour threw something on me. Because I was not in good terms with him, I escaped and came back in my room. 


After having dinner with my grand mother, I went for sleep. After some time, I felt some reflections in my eyes and a scary sound which frightened me. I got up and saw 3 ghost staring at me. I was totally shocked and drenched with perspiration. I screamed a lot but my grand mother could not listen my voices.


Since then the 3 entities virtually raped me each night. I lost my mental balance and everything. I told my friends and father but they they believed that I have turned psycho. My days and nights become worse and worse. I was tortured daily physically, mentally and spiritually.


I went to the priest in the temple and many other wise men. Some took money from me but I got no results. I was praying badly. One day I searhed some term and a site appeared before me. It was https://www.gurushakti.org.in. I explored the site and make a direct call on the number specified. 


Guruji attended my call and listened patiently. I send him my pictures to detect the problem. Guruji told me a mantra to Reverse the Black Magic and asked me to do a certain vidhi or process whenever I witness the 3 entities. I did the same and to my delight the 3 entities keep on watching me but couldn't dare touch me.


I kept on chanting the mantra and doing the vidhi. After 3 days I listened to my neighbours that the black magic might not working on me now. 


Guruji I now occassionally see the 3 ghosts but now I am not scared any more. I believe that these cann't harm me because Guruji is with me everytime.


Guruji I don't know how can I thank you for this kind act of generosity by saving a daughter like me. I really appreciate your kindness. I bow to You.


Yours Forever,


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Published on Oct 1st, 2019

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