Coral Mala Energized

मूंगा माला प्राण प्रतिष्ठित


Energized Coral mala is a pious rosary which brings a positive aura around you. Coral mala is believed to have magical powers. It is also known as Moonga mala or Rakta Parval.


Coral is a precious stone of red color found under the sea and is composed of skeletons of little animals into reef. Coral Moonga symbolizes life force energy. It was used as a protection against an evil eye. 


Red Coral Moonga has an excellent healing power. It removes depression, lethargy and blood related disorders. Energized Coral mala is considered an excellent remedy for removing manglik dosha and helps open to find a suitable match. It removes marital problems and blesses with a happy married life.


Energized Coral mala makes the mind calm and stable. It also helps you to achieve success in your life and enhance the quality of efforts.


Benefits of Energized Coral Mala

  • Coral mala is best used for Hanuman, Mahalakshmi, Mangal, Kartikeya and money related sadhana.
  • Coral mala is very good for increasing self confidence, self expression and perseverance.
  • Coral mala is used for success in competitive exams and defence related sector. 
  • Coral mala is uesd for meditation and creative visualization.
  • Coral mala is used to align the chakras of Kundalini.
  • Coral mala is used for sadhana to remove finacial debts.

How To Energized Coral Mala ? 

Coral Mala becomes more powerful when energized by mantras and mala sanskar. The mala sanskar is a secret subject and very few persons are able to energize the mala in the right way.

Who can wear the Energized Coral Mala ?

Anyone can wear the Energized Coral Mala in an auspicious time with the permission of his Guru.

Rules for using the Energized Coral Mala

There are some common rules for using any mala. You can read the rules by clicking here.

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Published on Oct 4th, 2019

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