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Guruji lots of things happened in these 2 years. 


My father was going to die,so I had to donate 30 years of my life for his life. I had used Gurumantra (taught by Moti Lal ji) and Sanjivani kriya (taught by trigata guruji) to use my energy. In that process I got an understanding of how sanjivani vidya works. Its no joke, its giving our own prana to some one in a huge amount. It is just like donating pure blood.


In that difficult phase guruji nikhileswarnandji assigned a task to understand his elder gurubhrata. An abdhuta. I studied biological aspect of yoga with him. From him I got clarity about deha siddhi, bajra kaya, sunya kaya, Maya. He showed me by giving energy and his memory to me.


These abadhutas are true yogis, almost impossible to kill. Our Guruparampara have yogis who mastered sunyakaya, it means immortality. Deha Vidya is an advanced form yoga, where gurus cut their body and then join them in front of disciple. This is immortal nature of soul. Their body,mind and soul are one. 


I have investigated and found this:-


Funny thing is we human are neither male nor female. We are both physically. Siddha don't have sexual organs, its flat. I have seen breast at the left side of our elder gurus of siddhasram. Their left and right are different.


Body glows like golden sun time to time. Eyeballs are little white with a golden glow in dark. They say the earth and objects are flat to their physical eyes. Only energy and its flow. Fingers are longer than normal humans.


All chakra or glands appear in front of the body. It like swellings on every part of the body. Even guruji nikhileswarnandji have this. Only few gurus have long ears. 


I realised that, guruji and guruma are many. Anybody in our tradition who are elder and more knwledgable and stronger than us are our guru and gurumas. There is no single guru. We are exposed to a huge lineage, where many siddhas are present.


Lord nikhileswarnandji is one of those 100s. There are even stronger yogis than nikhileswarnandji, his elder gurubhratas. He is younger compared to them. He himself says me this all the time.


I just want to be like them. The desire is strong. That is life,human socaity is too weak to understand them. I need too much hard work and pure heart. Once one of my guruji said- If I destroy your body in a second, who is stronger.


No matter how powerful you are in your society if your body can be destroyed so easily your life is useless. I have met REAL MEN in our tradition, Who play with death and enjoys the secrets of universe by using their body. They are my HERO.


With love



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Published on Oct 13th, 2019

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