Divya Netra Jaagran Experience

Pranam Guruji,

Jai Siddhasram!

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In this article I will write the truth about Gyanganj and my experience with it. Every Disciple(It means dedicated) of Gurudev Nikhileswarandji is free from reincarnation(birth& death) cycle. I have confirmed it for myself. All disciples are free to choose their soul journey,Gurudev Nikhileswaranandji have his own Divya Ashram for his disciples.


Men and Women live there happily and continue their sadhana with their Energy body. Anybody who want to verify it,just do Tantrokta Guru pujan with a Sankalpa to visit that Ashram. BUT IT IS STRICTLY RELETED TO NIKHIL GURU TRADITION. FOR OTHERS IT IS FORBIDDEN.


Gyanganj Divya Ashram


It is not one,there are many Divya Ashram and Siddha bhumi in Himalayas. Many yogis have their own Ashrams. All those ashrams are established on selected areas where earth energy is high. It means you will feel weightless without effort,superconducter effect.


So these places are best for sadhana,samadhi or happy living holidays. So people want to enter those Ashrams.Fortunately Himalayan region have many such lands. All Ashrams are sealed for outsiders, nobody can enter those lands without permission.


Eligibility to enter "physically"


1)3rd eye(shiva netra)must be opened or you must have ability to open it at will. (Shiva netra gives you the ability to look things without dimensions and samskaras- you will see an orange but you will not say it is a round object it is shown like a flat imagery on screen. I mean when we use a 3D conditioning or samskaras  and call it a round orange.)


2)Freedom from Shame and Guilt(very important).This is the reason many fails.


3)Love for Devi and her creation.It means you feel connections to everything around you.


4)Ability to sit long hours in Samadhi or Mantra sadhana.


5)Gurus blessings and support.


6) Free from worldly or mundane responsibilities. This is the reason many hardworking and advanced yogis can not enter. Thats why some brilliant men and women quit their job or business and take sannyas.


My experience


 I have not entered physically because I am not eligible to enter. But yes due to the blessings of guruji nikhileswaranandji I have entered those lands using my energy body. In energy body you experience everything but temporarily. It is Guru diksha that has given me such rare fortune. Anybody who sees those siddha ashram will be ready to give up everything to enter there.Because of the energy and joy there.


In 5 years of time I traveled there 2 times and now it lives in my memory. In my 2nd travel,I had attended a discourse of guruji Nikhileswaranandji there. He smiled and welcomed me. Many old yogi and yoginis were present there. I have also seen the place where celestial(elder) yogis gives the discourses on Time and Reality.I was not allowed to join those discourses. But I have seen the place where it happens. Everything is magic there. 


In Siddha tradition,there are two kinds of Siddhas. Yakshya and Rakshya. Yakshya types are like Shri Krishna,they enjoy everything without shame or Guilt. Rakshya types are Bairagis or renunciates ,they always in deep samadhi. But they both are yogis.


That's why it is hard to understand a Siddha. Some Siddha (men and women) drink wine, do sex with multiple partners. Some Siddha (men and women) are celebate and prefer to live alone always-If you go near them they will use abusive words and drive you away. But something very powerful operates within them,which is hard to ignore.


Thank you

Jai Siddhasram

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Published on Jan 2nd, 2020

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