Eradicate Sexual Thoughts Mantra

काम उच्चाटन मंत्र 


Sexual orientation or preferences sometimes can cause distress and confusion especially while chanting mantras and performing Deities sadhanas. The mind gets stuck on particular sexual fantasies and it remains stuck. The sadhak tries to visualize the Gods & Goddesses but the scenes in the mind are different. Sometimes sexual thoughts flash in mind while doing the sadhana. Sexual addiction often leads to repent in this scenario. 

It's important to keep in mind that these thoughts can occur with or without compulsions. Additionally, having such thoughts doesn't mean a person will act upon them.
The main cause of sexual obsession is a learned behaviour that a person learns from his environment like watching the porn or sexual scenes from movies. Even the songs that a sadhak watches contain sexual messages.Those behavioural inputs get ingrained in the mind and come back especially while doing the mantra chants.

A sadhak tries to tame the mind and control sexual fantasies and images but it keeps flashing again and again in the subconscious mind. Sometimes the sadhak leaves the sadhana just for this cause. This tendency can be contained by performing Kaam Uchchatan sadhana. The Kaam Uchchatan sadhana belongs to Lord Shiva who destroyed the Kamdeva, the ‘God of Sex’ when he tried to make an ugly impact on Lord Shiva.

When Lord Shiva felt that some body is trying to disturb him and his creation,he became angry and saw Kamadeva so he furiously opened his third eye and incinerated Madan or Kamadeva to ashes, and then applied his bhasma on his body and thus,known as Kameshwar(Lord of Kama).

Kaam Uchchatan Prayog is a wonderful ritual to contain sexual addiction, sexual desires and sexual fantasies. A sadhak should also consume satvik food while doing this sadhana. TV shows, movies and mobile addiction should be avoided to get a pure state of mind. 

How To Chant The Kaam Uchchatan Mantra

  • The Kaam Uchchatan Mantra should be started from any Thursday.
  • Chant 1 mala of Guru mantra and perform Guru Puja.
  • Wear white dress and sit facing North.
  • Chant 21 mala of Kaam Uchchatan Mantra with Energized Coral Mala.
  • Have one time meal only while doing the sadhana.
  • After completion of the sadhana chant the mantra 11 times in the morning and 11 times at night.

Kaam Uchchatan Mantra 

ॐ नमः शिवाय पुष्टाय वरदाय अनङ्ग उच्चाटनाय नमः |

Om Namah Shivay Pushtay Varday Anang Uchchatnay Namah:

Instructions For Kaam Uchchatan Mantra

Energized Coral Mala

White Dress & White Asan


Count : 21000

Duration : 10 days

Starting Day : Thursday

The sadhana must be performed once in a year.

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Published on Jul 13th, 2020

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