Vichitra Vashikaran Mantra

विचित्र वशीकरण मंत्र 

Vichitra Vashikaran Mantra
This is a strange and very powerful Vashikaran mantra that consist of Trishakti beeja mantras. The mantra has the power to attract the desired person very quickly. Further this is a very simple and easy to do sadhna for any person. Purity of heart and devotion is utmost necessary for this mantra chant.

​How To Chant The Vichitra Vashikaran Mantra

  • Start the sadhana from Friday facing East.
  • Wear White clothes for this purpose.
  • Chant 5 Rosaries of this mantra with Energized Sammohan Mala
  • Complete the mantra chant in 11 days to get the desired person.
  • After the completion of sadhana give some food to fishes  & birds.

Vichitra Vashikaran Mantra

ॐ ऐं ईं ऊं अमुकं वश्यं वश्यं 
ऊं ईं ऐं फट् ॥

Om Aim Eem Oom Amukam Vashyam Vashyam Oom Eim Aim Phat

Replace "Amukam" with the name of the person.

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Published on Sep 7th, 2013

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