Coral Gemstone The Moonga

मंगल रत्न मूँगा 

Coral “The Moonga”The Red Coral Stone also known as Praval or Moonga is the Gemstone of Mars/ Mangal as per Indian Vedic Astrology. Mars is the planet of energy, vitality, blood circulation and ambition and the Red Coral is worn to boost the energy of Mars in the horoscope.

The Appearance of Coral “The Moonga”

Found deep inside the womb of the sea as a plant, Moonga or Red coral forms due to the accumulation of a particular kind of organism, which go by the name of Isis Nobiles on the rocks, deep underneath the seabed.The Coral gemstone is mostly red, but it is also found in dark red and, orange color. Red Coral is found only in salt water surroundings. According to Vedic Astrology, the most common names of the Coral are Moonga, Mangalmani, Bhaumaratna, Vidrum, Ratnadroom and Ratnaraga.

Astrological Benefits of Coral “The Moonga”

  • Red coral can help the wearer overcome his enemies and adversaries. As Mars is the god of warfare, this gemstone provides the necessary courage and enthusiasm required by an individual to surmount all the obstacles. This gemstone ensures the victory of the individual.
  • This gemstone is known for emitting cosmic colour yellow which is helpful in protecting from diseases related to blood, bone marrow, head and lymph nodes. Some diseases like piles, ulcer, etc. can be cured by wearing this stone.
  • It is believed that wearing this gem after 3 months of pregnancy helps in prevention of miscarriages.
  • According to astrology wearing red coral in the ring finger also imparts courage and helps in overcoming fear and nervousness. It is a great gemstone for boosting self esteem.
  • Those who have Manglik dosha in their horoscope leading to challenges in interpersonal relationships should wear a Red Coral stone / moonga stone after a thorough Astrological analysis of their birth chart.
  • People who are in heavy debt, they can wear this coral gemstone to help repay the loan.
  • Those who are suffering from heart diseases, they should wear coral.
  • This gem is known to be best for epilepsy and jaundice patients.

How To Energize, Purify and Activate the Coral “The Moonga”

Coral “The Moonga” gemstone can only be used after its purification and activation. Coral “The Moonga” gemstone becomes more powerful when energized by mantras and gemstone sanskar. The gemstone sanskar is a secret subject and very few people are able to energize the gemstone in the right way.

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Published on Aug 15th, 2020

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