Emerald Gemstone The Panna

बुध रत्न पन्ना 

Emerald “The Panna” Since ancient times, Emerald or Panna rashi ratan has been regarded as a highly effective astrological gemstone of vedic astrology. This stone is also well known because of its attractive healing properties. This gemstone is considered as the cold gem, so this stone is most popular because of its astrological effects or benefits.  As it represents the “Budh” so emerald is also known as “Budh Ratna”.

The Appearance of Emerald “The Panna” Gemstone 

Emerald, also known as Panna gemstone, is extremely beautiful and powerful. It is also regarded as the ‘stone of successful love’ and sometimes called as green stone because of its enchanting green shade. Emerald Stone is the beautiful and stunning gemstone and it is among the top three colored stones in the universe. 

Astrological Benefits of Emerald “The Panna”

  • It is a Perfect gemstone for the natives who work in the field of art. If you want to make a career in music, fashion designing, painting and interior designing etc, you should wear emerald stone as it is a stone of Mercury planet.
  •  Wearing an emerald can give a huge edge in relation to the communication skills. There is a remarkably better, clearer and lucid style of communication and the individual is able to express oneself with aplomb and confidence.
  • By wearing panna stone, a person can improve his intellectual power and also can gain wisdom. Natural emerald stone is best suitable for the scholars to improve their efficiency and can score well in exams.
  • Emerald is a symbol of prosperity. In the field of business, panna or emerald is considered as the auspicious gemstone.
  • Natural Emerald with its color clarity is a great gemstone for individuals who stammer, or feel shy to interact with others or feel held back due to lack of confidence.
  • Leaders, public speakers, managers and team leaders etc can wear this Panna stone to attain success in life. The good power and vibes of the stone boost the power of the leader and speaker. You can impress others with your words and thoughts. 
  • Panna serves as the best stone for children who are poor in studies because of lack of concentration or poor grasping power. It gives the child the ability to focus and learn. 
  • If a person is suffering from allergies, respiratory diseases, skin related problems, and nervous disorders, he should wear Panna gemstone. 
  • Panna protects you from the fraud people and reduces the chances of cheatings.

How To Energize, Purify and Activate the Emerald “The Panna”

Emerald “The Panna” gemstone can only be used after its purification and activation. Emerald “The Panna” gemstone becomes more powerful when energized by mantras and gemstone sanskar. The gemstone sanskar is a secret subject and very few people are able to energize the gemstone in the right way.

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Published on Aug 15th, 2020

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