Hessonite Gemstone The Gomed

राहु रत्न गोमेद 

Hessonite “The Gomed” 

As per the Hindu scriptures, the gomed stone has an association with Rahu. Rahu is the ruler of the Hessonite stone.  It is also known as Gomedh or “Gomedak” in Sanskrit language. Hessonite is a type of garner which is used to strengthen Rahu.


The Appearance of Hessonite “The Gomed”


Hessonite stone is a honey-coloured calcium aluminium silicate that holds a special place in the Hindu scriptures. Since ages, people believe that the Vedic planet "Rahu" rules this stone. The stone gets its English name from a Greek word called “Hesson," which means "inferior."


Astrological Benefits of Hessonite “The Gomed” 

  • Gomed is a healer of Sarpa Dosha which is the curse of snakes. This Dosha affects health and wealth of a being and Gomed if is suitable for him then it blesses and cuts the effect of Sarpa Dosha and its symptoms. 
  • Those persons who wear gomed Gemstone rings do not have fear complexes and are blessed with the self-confidence and the courage to take over any difficult thing.
  • It helps people to focus on their careers and provide them with a clear direction. It also helps the wearers to make proper decisions in their lives. 
  • It is beneficial in curing different kinds of ailments like epilepsy, eye infections, allergies, heart conditions, etc.
  • Gomed gemstone is quite effective in calming the thoughts of the mind and relieving the user from depression, anxiety, and mental problems.
  • The wearer of the gomed stone finds it easy to pass a message to big crowds as the stone enhances understandability.
  • Gomed stone also helps to flourish political careers and blesses with power, influence, health, wealth and success. 
  • It helps to win the hearts of enemies and ensures victory. 

How To Energize, Purify and Activate the Hessonite “The Gomed”

Hessonite “The Gomed” gemstone can only be used after its purification and activation. Hessonite “The Gomed” gemstone becomes more powerful when energized by mantras and gemstone sanskar. The gemstone sanskar is a secret subject and very few people are able to energize the gemstone in the right way.

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Published on Aug 15th, 2020

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