Cats Eye Gemstone The Lehsunia

केतु रत्न लहसुनिया 

Cat’s Eye “The Lehsunia” 

Despite being its absence in the solar panel physically, yet, this planet has conferred the status of one of the most influential Planet by virtue of its fascinating metaphysical properties that has been praised by human beings. This stone is rewarded with the status of the fastest acting planet.

The Appearance of Cat’s Eye “The Lehsunia” 

This is a precious gemstone that has a very unique appearance and bears a stark resemblance to the eye of a cat which is also white in color with a beam of ray in the middle. It is from the family of chrysoberyl stone that is an aluminate of beryllium and comes in different colours ranging from cloudy yellow to brownish green. In India, Cat’ eye gemstone is mainly found in the state of Orissa.

Astrological Benefits of Cat’s Eye “The Lehsunia” 

  • Wearing cats eye stone unblocks the innumerable channel of earning quick money. This stone makes sure that the innumerable money-making channels are unblocked and you can have instant access to wealth and obviously luck.
  • Cats Eye stone benefits most during the Dasa or the malefic phase of Ketu, the headless body of the shadow planet ‘Rahu’.
  • The Lehsunia stone is also known to restore physicality by offering impeccable healing capabilities and protection against evil.
  • This stone is capable of warding off anorexia, appetite disinterest, and even the likes of cancer.
  • Cats Eye protects its wearer from road accidents, envy of their foes, debts, poverty and other such diabolical situations.
  • It helps in attaining spiritual advancement.
  • Those individuals who adore taking chances in life; especially, individuals in the field of trading share market and gambling should wear this stone to enhance their chances of winning.
  • It improves brain power and leads to a sharp memory.
  • It promotes clarity of thoughts and discriminative intuition.
  • It helps in getting professional success. It leads to great vision.

How To Energize, Purify and Activate the Cat’s Eye “The Lehsunia”

Cat’s Eye gemstone can only be used after its purification and activation. Cat’s Eye gemstone becomes more powerful when energized by mantras and gemstone sanskar. The gemstone sanskar is a secret subject and very few people are able to energize the gemstone in the right way.

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Published on Aug 15th, 2020

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