Garuda Mala Mantra

गरुड़ माला मन्त्र

Garuda Mala Mantra


Garuda is the mount or Vahana of Lord Vishnu. Garuda is Lord Vishnu in itself. Garuda is depicted as having the golden body of a strong man with a white face, red wings, and an eagle's beak and with a crown on his head. This ancient deity was said to be massive, large enough to block out the sun. This ancient deity was said to be massive, large enough to block out the sun. 

The Garuda is the eternal enemy of snakes and protects from the poison and other negative influences. This Garuda Mala mantra is used to remove black magic, debts and tantra surrounding the sadhak.  This Garuda mala mantra has tremendous benefits to a sadhak. The Garuda Mala mantra helps to remove the poison in the body. Garuda Mala mantra helps to remove the skin problems. Garuda Mala mantra helps to remove the incurable diseases. Garuda Mala mantra remove the problems in the immune system also. Garuda Mala mantra clears the veins and arteries. Simply, Garuda Mala mantra removes any kind of negative vibes in the life. 


How to Chant the Garuda Mala mantra

  • Start from any auspicious day like ekadashi.
  • Worship your Guru and Lord Narayan before chanting the mantra.
  • Chant 11 mala of this mantra with Energized Sphatik Mala for 11 days.
  • On the 12th day, perform a havan of 1100 mantras with flowers mixed with cowghee.
  • After that chant 1 mala of this mantra daily with Energized Sphatik Mala. 
  • After attaining mastery, one can give energized water to the patient to cure him from many diseases.
  • To remove black magic, take a flower and after chanting the mantra touch the forehead of the patient clockwise for 11 times and throw it in the water.

Garuda Mala Mantra

 ॐ नमो भगवते गरुडाय कालाग्निवर्णाय एह्येहि कालानललोलज्जिह्वाय पातय पातय मोहय मोहय विद्रावय विद्रावय भ्रम भ्रम

भ्रामय भ्रामय हन हन दह दह पच पच हुं फट् स्वाहा।

Om Namo Bhagwate Garuday Kalagnivarnay Ehiehi Kalanalloljihvay Patay Patay Mohay Mohay Vidravaya Vidravaya Bhram Bhram

Bhramaya Bhramaya Han Han Deh Deh Pach Pach Hum Phat Swaha

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Published on Jan 21st, 2021

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